Protect Your Trees and Shrubs

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Landscaping can be one of the biggest investments in and around your biggest investment. So why not protect the trees and shrubs that give your yard its outstanding curb appeal!

The Crowley’s Tree and Shrub Protection Program features customized applications that will keep your trees and shrubs healthier and more resistant to harmful pests such as aphids, mites and beetles, as well as diseases.

Our certified applicators use the latest products and application techniques – including deep root fertilization – to get the job done. Deep root fertilization is a technique leading arborists have been using for years to rejuvenate and promote nutrient reserves in trees and shrubs.

Consistent care and maintenance of trees and shrubs including watering, proper nutrients and oxygen results in bigger blossoms, larger and darker green foliage and a healthier tree or shrub that is more resistant to harmful insects and diseases.

Call Crowley’s today to schedule your Tree and Shrub Protection Program!

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